The Latin American Gathering at GDC is a space to create alliances and strengthen the region's industry.

As an example of the growth of the Latin American videogame industry and the unity between countries in the region, the “Latin American Gathering at GDC” is held annually in San Francisco. The event brings together great exponents of the continent to share, meet developers and forge future projects.

This annual meeting aims to connect the Latin American industry and community of developers, taking advantage of the GDC framework. Also boost business generation, joint collaboration between studios from various countries and the exchange of knowledge and talents. Consolidating the Latin American power in the field of video games.

Another objective is to show Latin America as a united front and a growing industry, with all the potential to generate global businesses, and create contacts and alliances in Silicon Valley.

Achievements and opportunities facing the global market, development processes and generation of alliances, will be recurring themes during the gathering.